blacksmith's iron care advice


How to Care for your Ironwork ........

Your iron or bronze accessories will last for generations if taken care of as you would your fine wood furniture...........Just wax occasionally as needed. (A good quality carnuba paste wax is best,  but whatever you use on your wood furniture will work.) bronze does not require any maintenance indoors or out but occasional waxing will renew luster.

iron accessories in high traffic areas or THAT ARE exposed to abnormal interior humidity may require more frequent maintenance. to remove any rust that may form if maintenance has not been frequent enough for conditions: remove with #0000 steel wool.  rub in furniture wax with soft cloth.  best results ARE achieved by warming the iron or bronze with a hairdryer or heat gun and applying A GOOD QUALITY PASTE or furniture wax.  this will allow the  WAX TO BEST PENETRATE THE SURFACE FOR LONGER LASTING PROTECTION. BUFF WITH A SOFT CLOTH AND USE A HORSEHAIR BRUSH IF NEEDED TO GET INTO CREVICES OR HARD TO REACH AREAS.

 Most items are lightly hand sanded and hand rubbed with the traditional blacksmith's mixture of linseed oil, turpentine, and beeswax. The metal is heated to approximately 300 degrees  so the finish not only penetrates but is actually baked on. Then the item is buffed as it cools. The antique iron furniture and most bath and kitchen accessories are given two coats of clear acrylic and need to be waxed occasionally as well . These finishes best show off the natural color and texture of the forged metal.

items use around food  are seasoned with vegetable oil AND NEED TO BE OILED OCCASIONALLY just as you would a cast iron skillet. warm them in the oven and rub in oil with A CLOTH OR PAPER TOWEL. THEN WIPE OFF EXCESS.

Remember, these iron finishes  are meant for indoors...If you have an outdoor application, please call or email to discuss the options.

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